Wednesday, January 9, 2008

freshazimiz, thank you.

I don't know what it is about me and the Cannucks this week. Are they slightly more forward thinking and fashionable? Is is the socialized medicene? Is it Ice Road Truckers on History Channel? I don't know, but here's another set of Maple leaves for which I have a penchant. The fellas that take care of the blog dropped into Paris just before Christmas making the rounds for the sneaker circuit. One of their most notable finds was a whole stash of vintage deadsock Vans for sale at Starcow. Our homie from freshazimiz took some nice photos and drooled over the selection, but sadly walked away with none in his size. Bummer, but you can't complain too much about a trip to Gay Pareeee. Oh! And on their site they also give a great review on whether or not that crazy expensive Jason Markk shoe magic junk works better than a toothbrush and soap to clean the sneaks. This is a smart blog. Duh, they are a 'dot org' like schools. freshazimiz


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Nikki S. said...

Sorry I can't read your site, but thanks for adding ours to your blogroll and thanks for the hug:)