Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dennis McNett Will Vanquish Thee on the Train

Brooklyn artist Dennis McNett has collaborated with Vans on a few shoes that should be hitting stores just about now. What kind of guy spends all of his time making huge prints of wolves and bats and other things to bite your face off? The same kind of fellow who created a parade float to roll down Broadway calling for Fenris, son of the Norse fire god, Loki, to return from the dead to fight the tribe of Vidar. "The Resurrection of Fenris" army equipped themselves with squirt bottles of blood and dragged a huge wolf-bat-head with big teeth (Fenris himself) down the street. You know what? Hell has rad drummers. That's what. I love it when stuff returns from the afterlife to fly over the earth. It's like looking at a tiny baby puppy just being born. SO CUTE!

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