Monday, January 21, 2008

Best Girl. 2nd Worst Nickname.

Angie Crabtree has literally been making art since she was a five-year-old. Now that she's all grown up and working on her art degree, she was nice enough to send us some of her recent works on (sneaker) canvas. Homeslice's portfolio is all over the place. She's gone from Disney mural nursery commissions (hustlers gotta make a dollar) to some absolutely fantastic psychedelic dinosaur acrylics on canvas. Not only is Angie thrilled that I am blogging about her, but she is also stoked that we are not friends in real-life. Why? Because I would be forced to call her 'Crabs.' I mean, what choice would I have? Screaming, "HEY CRABS!" across a crowded club would be second only to the time I heard someone yell, "HEY AIDS!" at a guy named Adrian. Check out the rest of her work in the gallery on her website: Angie Crabtree dot com.

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