Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alex Henry: Foot Model Turned Illustrator

Oh crap. I just found my favorite art and culture site. JoyEngine. Doesn't that sound like fun? While puttering around on the site, I found a pair of custom painted Vans done up by one of the site's founders, Alex. What luck. Doot doot doot. Besides sharing good times USA on Joy Engine, Alex is also a big popsicle at design collective, Cypher13. They make things and kick stuff in Colorado. Here's the story:

After leaving the superficial world of foot modeling, Alex Henry broke his contract as a foot model and returned to his zeal for illustration. Alex's art is often narrative, playing with metaphors and revolving around the enigmatic quality of time and romantic relationships. Alex is the co-founder of Cypher13 and JoyEngine with his friend Todd Berger. The first sentence of Alex's bios are always different and always made up. JoyEngine

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