Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alex Henry: Foot Model Turned Illustrator

Oh crap. I just found my favorite art and culture site. JoyEngine. Doesn't that sound like fun? While puttering around on the site, I found a pair of custom painted Vans done up by one of the site's founders, Alex. What luck. Doot doot doot. Besides sharing good times USA on Joy Engine, Alex is also a big popsicle at design collective, Cypher13. They make things and kick stuff in Colorado. Here's the story:

After leaving the superficial world of foot modeling, Alex Henry broke his contract as a foot model and returned to his zeal for illustration. Alex's art is often narrative, playing with metaphors and revolving around the enigmatic quality of time and romantic relationships. Alex is the co-founder of Cypher13 and JoyEngine with his friend Todd Berger. The first sentence of Alex's bios are always different and always made up. JoyEngine

Monday, January 28, 2008

What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Steven Maguire and his friends have put together a little production company called Yellow Coconut. Steven's the guy in the 'Vans Shoe Ad' video here. Some of the videos are horrible. (Yeah, that's me criticizing a Beat me up.) However, a couple of them are pretty stellar. I mean, come on. Let me remember what I was like with a camera at 14. "Hey mom! I'm filming you! No, I won't stop. HAHA! I am zoomed in really close on your nose, and it's gross!" Then, I filmed all of my stuffed animals. Comparatively, some could say they have me beat. Also, one of the kids in the production team is named Waffleman. Plus 100 points.

Friday, January 25, 2008

When Cigarettes Had Vitamins

I found this spoof commercial made by a guy and his friend in 1994. It looks like in the '90s smoking was waaaaay better for you than it is today. I mean look at that fella. He can run really fast, jump off things, tuck and roll and take a big ol' deep drag and run even faster! Smoking used to open up the lungs so you could get better circulation. Alas! The old days....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NDEUR: Frenchy-French Customs

NDEUR is French designer Mathieu Missiaen. His custom painited vintage heels have been in every practically fashion mag over the past year. I'm glad to see he's now working on some Vans, too. This guy paints everything from shoes, to walls, to furniture. Here's what I want to know: if I have a party, will this guys will come over and do some FACE painting? He hasn't that yet. Why not? He's from France. They got mimes. They got performance art. Come on NDEUR. Don't be a NEURD. NDEUR's Myspace

Monday, January 21, 2008

Best Girl. 2nd Worst Nickname.

Angie Crabtree has literally been making art since she was a five-year-old. Now that she's all grown up and working on her art degree, she was nice enough to send us some of her recent works on (sneaker) canvas. Homeslice's portfolio is all over the place. She's gone from Disney mural nursery commissions (hustlers gotta make a dollar) to some absolutely fantastic psychedelic dinosaur acrylics on canvas. Not only is Angie thrilled that I am blogging about her, but she is also stoked that we are not friends in real-life. Why? Because I would be forced to call her 'Crabs.' I mean, what choice would I have? Screaming, "HEY CRABS!" across a crowded club would be second only to the time I heard someone yell, "HEY AIDS!" at a guy named Adrian. Check out the rest of her work in the gallery on her website: Angie Crabtree dot com.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Homework Scandal Exposed

The story goes that this Vans commercial was done as a little homework assignment for a film class. It looks pretty pro to me. I say this guy is posing as an amateur director to get attention. YEAH! It's one of those situations were you have, like, a 37-year-old tiny man playing a ten-year-old child prodigy, and then E! News blows it up and catches him with, um...a lady! It's totally the same thing! I have a gut feeling about this one. Basically, Webster made this video.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ninjasonik. These Shits Fit Me.

Reverend McFly and DJ Teenwolf have been around in the party/music scene (Happy Endings & Galapagos to name a couple of spots) for a while in NYC. Their newest project, Ninjasonik, is definitely about to blow up. They've only had a hand full of shows, but they have appeared in the company of rad inviduals like Japanther and Plastic Little's Pack of Rats. What's the easy explanation of Ninjasonik? GG Allin peed on Ol' Dirty Bastard. ODB punched him and ate a taco. These guys are super self-aware and sarcastic lyrically, "I'm on the internet, bitch. I'm fucking famous." Oh, crap. Maybe the irony is in fact un-ironic and wasted, and they actually double bluffed everyone realizing that the internet does make people famous. I just melted your face. Put your head down on your desk for a minute. Read their interview on Chief Mag dot com.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dennis McNett Will Vanquish Thee on the Train

Brooklyn artist Dennis McNett has collaborated with Vans on a few shoes that should be hitting stores just about now. What kind of guy spends all of his time making huge prints of wolves and bats and other things to bite your face off? The same kind of fellow who created a parade float to roll down Broadway calling for Fenris, son of the Norse fire god, Loki, to return from the dead to fight the tribe of Vidar. "The Resurrection of Fenris" army equipped themselves with squirt bottles of blood and dragged a huge wolf-bat-head with big teeth (Fenris himself) down the street. You know what? Hell has rad drummers. That's what. I love it when stuff returns from the afterlife to fly over the earth. It's like looking at a tiny baby puppy just being born. SO CUTE!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest in the Life of Amanda Lopez

Amanda Lopez has been keeping this blog in the loop on her photo series since I first emailed her in October of last year. In case you've missed them, she's been doing a series on the life of her checkerboard Slip-ons. In the latest installment we see her vans with a couple of cats. We could get into a discussion about 'cat people' and 'dog people' at this point. How about we just say this: if you like cats...these are Amanda's cats. If you don't like cats...I censored the next shot where she kicks these cats. Amanda Lopez Photography

Paid $cum: Making Me Hungry

I don't want Christian Audigier, and I can't afford KAWS so Paid $cum seems to have come up with a fair middle ground. Are those little bug eyed aliens on the Slip-ons? Nope. Only moments ago I was trying to figure out how I could bring together both my love of sneakers and sushi. Problem solved. Paid $cum's customs here. Although, those do look like California rolls, and I consider myself a little more adventurous than that. Get me some fish on them jimmy-jams, dude! Maybe a little toro sashimi? A little eel? How about a whole sushi boat? Now that's the answer. Hey $cum, the people want sushi boat customs. It's the next wave in pop icons after everyone gets sick of skulls. Thanks to Female Sneaker Fiends for the tip on these kicks: Paid $cum Customs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

freshazimiz, thank you.

I don't know what it is about me and the Cannucks this week. Are they slightly more forward thinking and fashionable? Is is the socialized medicene? Is it Ice Road Truckers on History Channel? I don't know, but here's another set of Maple leaves for which I have a penchant. The fellas that take care of the blog dropped into Paris just before Christmas making the rounds for the sneaker circuit. One of their most notable finds was a whole stash of vintage deadsock Vans for sale at Starcow. Our homie from freshazimiz took some nice photos and drooled over the selection, but sadly walked away with none in his size. Bummer, but you can't complain too much about a trip to Gay Pareeee. Oh! And on their site they also give a great review on whether or not that crazy expensive Jason Markk shoe magic junk works better than a toothbrush and soap to clean the sneaks. This is a smart blog. Duh, they are a 'dot org' like schools. freshazimiz

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Shana Luedtke is radical. She's a recent graduate of Alberta School of Art & Design in Calgary and has had mucho success in the sneaker customization biz over the last couple of years. I mean, dang, her shoes showed up on Ellen earlier this year. (Not like I watch Ellen. Ok. Well, not, like, all the time. Don't judge me like you know me! GAHHH!) She's in a band, too. Busy girl. Check out more of her work here: Slip-offs!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wet Boys

I thought ya'll might enjoy this little vid. It's a crew called the wet boys. I don't have any real info on the origin other than some internet chatter saying that Jarrod Saba and Micha Hollinger are in there. It sure looks like they are having a good time. It's dudes skating and not taking themselves too seriously. And there's a butt slide down a rail that you can't beat with a stick.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mysterious Photos of Mystery

A guy known only to the world as the dangerous and elusive and dashing and more dangerous and talented "Doublecappuccino" has graciously allowed me to post some of his photos. Nothing more will be revealed about this rare diamond plucked from the cloaking mists of web photo sharing. His identity will be protected all the way to the link to his Flickr page: Gonk

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Water Holes at Waterloo

LA artist Jophen Stein has a solo show coming up on January 12th, 2008 at Project Gallery in Culver City, CA. The opening reception is from 7pm-11pm. I'd say go early 'cause you want to see this stuff. If you have a dollar, I'd also tell you to invest here on some art, yo. It's like picking up google stock 5 years ago. This boy is blowing up. His work is mad like a guy standing next to you at the cross walk wearing a fur coat and you don't notice at first that the coat is actually his dog. Jophen's work is also part of the Vans Sky Gallery series of billboards that you can see around Los Angeles. Get more details here: Jophen's Myspace.