Monday, December 10, 2007

The Underskatement Film Festival

Hey kids! Do you like movies AND skateboards? You DO? Imagine the chances? The Underskatement Tour is making the rounds to an independent theatre near you (maybe). As far as I can tell, a bunch of guys that like to kick stuff and say things made some short films and now they want people to go see them. Can you believe the audacity of those guys? Get a job at a bank or something. Anyhoo, one of the top entrants in Underskatement is the new documentary "Fix Push" which explores the budding outsider sport, "fixed-pushing." In his featurette, filmmaker Antonius Dintcho (I think he got flow on the vans skate team back in the day) follows a brave and rebellious group of mavervick fixed-pushers as they fight for their lives in the Sahara Desert (if by Sahara Desert I mean San Francisco). The next stops for the film tour are in Seattle on December 12th and Vancouver on December 15th. Get more info & see their blog here: Zoinks! Underskatement!

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