Monday, December 31, 2007

Sneakers Required New Year's Ball

This is the coolest dress code I've ever heard of in all my 80 years. Tonight in San Francisco Mos Def is hosting a show called "Sneakers Required." It's a benefit concert for the H.E.A.R. Foundation whose mission is to bring awareness to all of us dumb kids that listen to music too loud and don't wear earplugs at concerts. What? Exactly. You didn't hear me because you're going deaf. To get into this party you must wear sneakers. This event is all about sneaker culture and gives all those sneaker heads a chance to get those ultra super limited Japanese Nepalese imports from the mountain top a special place to wear their kicks. Imagine what the men's room in this club is going to look like during this party. You dudes are going to be swapping little bottles of specially formulated sneaker cleaner. All ya'll are going to be up in that piece talking about, "Yo, can I borrow your mohair cloth for a minute? Some fool stepped on my toe." There are still some tickets left: Going: Sneakers Required


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