Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shop Blog of the Week: M.I.A. Skate Shop

There are a couple of a rad spots in Miami that I've heard a ton of good things about. M.I.A Skate shop has one location in Miami Beach and another in Doral that also runs a skatepark. Have you heard of it? Koo-ka-choo. If you're in Miami and don't know what to do...I bet they are a good place to start. Their blog is pretty rad. They are excellent with team updates. They also do a good job of letting people know not only when contest are going down, but also following up with who won them. No one EVER follows up with contest results! I need to know who's winning this stuff so that I know who to hit up for money. I'm trying to come up. Check out some Miami scene here: M.I.A. Skateshops & Skatepark

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