Thursday, December 27, 2007

Polite Criminals

One night last week Colorado Springs resident, Tricia McKeehan, woke up to a strange noise in her house. Like every victim ever in the history of the world, she got up to investigate the noise in the dark. What happens next? She saw a dude in a hoodie in the hall. She screamed. He screamed. And everyone ran. She hit up 911 real quick, "Alack! I am being burgled by a burglar!" The kooks where long gone by the time the cops rolled around, but they left a couple of things behind. Two pairs of shoes in her garage. "They were black Vans that had some really bright, new, white shoe strings on 'em. And they had, like, a white design on 'em. Size nines. And then there were some white loafers. Not the tie ones, but the slip on ones." Grateful that the guys didn't track dirt into the house, she happily admitted, "At least they were polite!" Now, here's my question: If you gonna rob somebody, how you leave their house with less stuff than you came in with? Maybe it was Santa! YES! Mystery solved. Don't call the police on Santa or he'll leave your stuff in the garage. Channel 11 News For Reals

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