Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Know What You Sayin'

Yeah, it's true. It's ya girl Nikki S checking in. What up? I was peepin' them joints, too. They sick. They tight, and ya heard me 'cause I spit shiz real. One love. Oh, hold on. I'm 'bout to give a shout out to my girl Grits, my boy Tick Bait, and Lil' Purty Mo (it's gon' be alright, girl). Hold up! Hold up! I gotta give ya'll this update. I fully agree with my boy GaTa. These customs is gross. Like ewwww. Like make me sick up on myself a little bit. I'm 'bout to put these things in a museum behind some bullet proof glass with, like, some armed guards from the LAPD before they got reformed, and they would beat up kids for smiling. These kicks are works of art. You feel me? Shout out to Shay from the VA for hooking up the paint job. Go ahead, girl. I tried to hunt down more info on Shay, but she's mysterious. She used to live in Portsmouth. There, the trail ends.

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