Monday, December 17, 2007

FTC Skate Shop & Lower Haters=Dirty Birds

Drop in to the Lower Haters Gallery if you're in San Francisco. They just put up a new show called 'Dirty Birds' that sounds like it would be nice to look at. It's a friendly-friend bunch of skateboard art with 'birds' as the general theme. Artists involved include more than few people that hang out with Vans... Tony Alva, P-Nut, and Evert Lee to name a hand full. The guys at FTC Skateshop had a big role in getting this group together. Go see them, too. You'll walk in the shop and you'll say, "hey" and they will say, "Heyyyy!!!" And then you'll buy something cool and leave with a big smile on your face. Quick! Look! It's a BIRD flipping the BIRD! AHHHH!!! The End. FTC Skate Shop

Photo by Yewknee

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