Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Darin Bendall is Cooler than Me.

You've seen Darin's work around for the last forever. I'm taking a minute to point out how cool he is. He started out as an illustrator bouncing around within and without the skate world dropping little nuggetrons of art happiness all over the place. Since planting new roots in Japan, getting deeper into animation, and rolling out this video with Joel Trussell for M. Ward, his portfolio has grown a ton. I'd say the body of work is fair fantastic. Make sure to check out the potpourri section of his site where he documents the life of Ryan (his pet beetle) and documents the art made from dreams he had for a year (snowball fights with Lucy Liu...check). Besides all that rad, yes he has an archive of Thrasher Magazine scans from the '80s. Swoon! Skate Skans

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