Friday, November 16, 2007

New Film: Punk's Not Dead

By filmmaker Susan Dynna with Todd Traina (if you recognize that last name you get 5 million core points), here we have what looks to be a fantastic DIY film whose objective is to prove punk's relevance today. Dang. Tough row to hoe, but based on film festival reviews these guys were up to the challenge. The film is a who's who of every band you ever had on tape, but not leaving out the new kids who started their recording lives on compact disc. There are even interviews with Vans' own Steve Van Doren in the mix. The film hasn't gained wide distribution yet, but you can check it out at art theaters around the country. In true punk spirit, they need to you call your local independent theatre and let them know you want to see it. Check out the screening schedule at Punk's Not Dead.

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