Thursday, November 1, 2007

EXTREME Cast Crafting: for Extreme Dudes

Not willing to see their fallen comrade, Rhett King, with a willie-bobo cast on his leg for months on end, Rick Koutzoukis & Jon Strattan sat down with a few beers to do some redecorating. What options did Rhett have? Limited. It wasn't like he could run away. Ouch! Sk8-Hi cast recipe as follows: one busted leg (ankle may be substituted) in a black cast. Add paint markers and Sharpies as needed. Use gun to hot glue laces to cast. Cut the toe from a sock. Spray paint the little toe sock white. Then, hot glue the paint-crusty sock to the end of your friend's cast. Give a swift kick to the recently glued sock portion to ensure that it is indeed held fast by the hot glue. Finish illustration.

And the shorts? No story there. Rhett is obviously extremer than you, duh.

1 comment:

L.B. said...

this fuckin rules, for real, no lie, why doesnt everyone do this, the world would be better