Friday, November 30, 2007

Dennis & Pat Learn to Skateboard

The blog that I'm directing you to is both janky and broke off. However, trust me. The content is amazing. Dennis & Pat are two regular guys in Toronto who (at the tender age of 30 years) decided that they must learn to skate.Their blog chronicles this noble mission from March of 2006 through August of 2007. I ain't promising ya'll that the story ends well, but these two guys gave it a shot. A shot in the that black, black, bottom-of-a-jungle-pit kind of dark where a snake will eat you. Dennis & Pat Learn to Skateboard YAY RAD!!!!


futhee said...

Nikki - I can't believe I didn't read your comment until now. We haven't skated for a few months since the cold weather hit. You have made my day! Thanks!

Ed said...

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